As led by the façade metal cladding market, there are three different types of metal cladding available for Transpired Solar Collector installations in general. These are Profiled Steel Sheeting, Cassette Panels and Tongue and Groove Planks.


Profiled Steel Sheeting

One of the earliest and most common forms of industrialised metal cladding which was initially a low cost cladding for industrial buildings. However, with the development of new coating, profile cross sections and detailing, Profiled Steel Sheeting is now used extensively in a wide variety of buildings and can be laid horizontally and vertically.


Cassette Panels

They are made up of sheets of flat metal that are pressed or folded together. Cassette Panels tend to be rectangular in shape with formed edges on the sides. The stiffness of the panel depends on the material used as well as the shape and size of the panel and therefore additional stiffening ribs may be required.


Tongue and Groove Planks

They are similar to cassette panels but generally elongated (or plank like) in shape. They are generally easier to install and often incorporate a ‘standing seam’ or ‘secret fix’ which incorporates a clipped joint between adjacent sheets.