Overview of Transpired Solar Collectors in Wales Case Studies

Overview of Transpired Solar Collectors in Wales Case Studies


The Sustainable Building Envelope Demonstration (SBED) event showcased the installations of Transpired Solar Collectors across Wales at The Works, Ebbw Vale on Friday 29th May 2015.

The event was well attended by energy management consultants, engineers, building control surveyors, architects, researchers and property and facilities managers from the South Wales.
Phil Jones, SBED Project Director, Welsh School of Architecture, said:

“The purpose of these showcase events is to demonstrate Transpired Solar Collectors in each site and to share experience and lessons learnt throughout the process of contract negotiation, product design and installation and performance in use from the point of views of the contractors, building owners and building users.”

Speakers included Huw Jenkins, Emmanouil Perisoglou, Catherine Brown and Diana Waldron from Cardiff University, Neil Eccles from Tata Steel, Dave Humphrey from BAM Construction Ltd., Paul Maddison from Ramboll and Gordon Davies from Seda UK.