Assistance provided by SBED Project

Diana Waldron – Sustainability Officer, Cardiff University

Lampeter School’s Eco Initiatives

Dafydd Charels and Max Zinn – Deputy head and Year 12 student at Eco Council, Lampeter Comprehensive School

Carbon Management Plan 2014

Keith Morgan – Head of Assets and Transportation Service, Ceredigion County Council

TSC Installation at Lampeter Comprehensive School

Neil Eccles – Project Manager, Tata Steel

Lampeter Comprehensive School Project

Daniel Pillai – Project Director, Tata Steel

SBED Transpired Solar Collector Technology

Dylan Dixon – Research Associate (Monitoring), Cardiff University

Welcome and overview of SBED Project

Huw Jenkins – Technical Manager, Cardiff University

SBED’s on-line survey

Charles Drozynski, Research Assistant (Public Perception), Cardiff University