Emmanouil Perisoglou

The Sustainable Building Envelope Demonstration (SBED) is a WEFO ERDF funded project to design, model, test, prototype and monitor low carbon buildings systems using integrated solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies in eight buildings in use. The aim is to investigate innovative energy building facades. Monitoring the energy performance of the systems and the thermal comfort of the buildings is an important process of the evaluation.

Emmanouil is an automation engineer with experience in instrumentation, monitoring and metrology. He has worked in this field as a measuring-process developer for over 4 years. He has an MSc degree in Renewable Energy Systems and Technology from Loughborough University and he is currently working as a research assistant in Cardiff University, WSA, SBED project.

  • To develop, test and monitor tailored solutions for the respective built environment
  • To ensure that data gathered has the highest levels of integrity and external market credibility
  • To assist the review and synthesis of the existing research literature within the field
  • To contribute to the analysis and interpretation of the research results
  • To communicate research findings through publications, conferences, seminars and workshops

Renewable Energy Innovative Technologies
Reduction of Energy Consumption/CO2 and Integration of Renewables
Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal, BIPV-T
Transpired Solar Collectors (TSCs)
Transpired Conductive Oxides (TCOs)
Metrology, Monitoring, Instrumentation, Calibration, Metric Uncertainty