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Transpired Solar Collectors Heat the Welsh School of Architecture’s Office

15 Jan 2014

The SBED team at the Welsh School of Architecture has installed four small-scale Transpired Solar Collectors on the roof of the School to provide warm air for an office at roof level.

Aim of the installation

With these test rigs, we will experiment with a number of different Transpired Solar Collectors’ configurations and parameters, which will generate a wide range of performance data.

Different Dimension and Orientation

The four free standing Transpired Solar Collectors, courtesy of our industrial partner Tata Steel, are all south-facing and each has an area of approximately 1m². However, they differ in dimension and orientation: the three rectangular Collectors measure 1600mm by 600mm and are oriented vertically, horizontally and inclined at 45°. The final Transpired Solar Collector is square and measures approximately 1000mm by 1000mm.

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